Ricardo Rio

Mayor of Braga
Braga, Portugal

Ricardo Rio is the Mayor of Braga since 2013. He is President of the Euro-region ‘Eixo Atlântico’ which brings together 38 of the biggest cities from the North of Portugal and Galicia, Spain. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Parliament of Mayors since November 2019.
Through his years as Mayor of Braga, was invited to be a member of the Champion Mayors initiative of the OECD, which brings together mayors from the five continents who are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth. He is a member of the Portuguese delegation of the Committee of the Regions.
In his professional life, he was the Secretary General of the Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts and the Director of the Capital Markets Institute of Euronext Lisbon. At the same time, he kept working as a public and business consultant for several years, having participated in several Programmes of the Porto Business School.