František Kubeš

Chair WG metropolitan areas, Eurocities.
Brno, Czech Republic

František Kubeš, graduated from the University of Ostrava with a degree in Social Geography and Regional Development. After graduation he worked for the Municipality of the City Brno for 8 years; in 2007 he became the Head of Unit for Strategic Planning and Regional Cooperation. During this period he did an internship at Robert Bosch Foundation and spent 9 months in Germany. For more than 5 years he has been the Head of Urban Policy Unit at the Czech Ministry of Regional Development and is responsible inter alia for integrated strategic urban planning, ITI’s, implementation of the Smart Cities concept and URBACT III. At the same time for almost two years he has been Acting Director for Regional Policy Department and is responsible for territorial dimension of EU funds, preparation of national Regional Development Strategy and partly for involvement of Czech regions into Coal Regions Initiative.