Marta Suplicy

International Relations Secretary
São Paulo, Brasil

Psychology graduate at PUC (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), with a postgraduate degree from Stanford and a Master's degree from the State University of Michigan, Psychoanalyst at the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis. With over a decade of private psychology practice, the former senator has published nine books. Marta Suplicy made history on the television show "TV Mulher", being a pioneer in the subject of sexuality on Brazilian TV, standing out in the fight for women's rights. In her political career, she served as Federal Congresswoman, Mayor of São Paulo, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Culture and Vice-President of the Senate (first female Senator elected by the State of São Paulo). She was a columnist for Vogue and Cláudia magazines and, since the 1980s, she has been writing articlesforthe Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. Marta is a reference in Brazilian feminism, with high impact on the theme within all social classes.In the House and Senate, she was the author of most projects on LGBTQI + rights and those referring to women's participation in policy changes. She was the rapporteur for important projects in the area of human rights, such as the Adoption project, as well as the renegotiation of state and municipal debt, Refis, SIMPLES Nacional and the Law that regulates Beauty Salons, among others. Ms.Suplicy is currently the Municipal Secretary for International Affairs of the City of São Paulo, since 2021.